With over 10+ years of experience in writing, arranging, recording, and mixing music, I help songwriters translate their musical ideas into aesthetically coherent, great-sounding recordings. I focus heavily on arrangement, writing full parts for rhythm section, horns, strings, and vocals to illustrate your compositions and bring your songs to life. The many other roles I take on as a producer include: • Pre-production: tweaking the composition, song structure, and arrangements; selection of sonic references; hiring band members & writing sheet music; finding a studio that fits with budget & schedule, arrangement* • Recording: planning the session and staying on schedule; engineering or liaising with a house engineer; making microphone, instrument, and other sonic choices; synthesizing ideas from the ensemble; performance coaching/encouragement • Sound Design: choosing and implementing audio effects; designing & recording software instruments; creating samples; drum programming • Editing: comping takes; pitch and rhythm correction; audio image cleanup/repair, printing stems • Mixing: applying spatial, spectral, and dynamic effects to achieve a balanced product Contact me and let’s have an introductory chat about your upcoming record! stephen.chen.mail (at) gmail.com

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